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Boiler Service

How often do you need to service a boiler ?

The service interval for a boiler is specified by the boiler manufacturer.

When a manufacturers service interval can not be identified it is recommended that a boiler has an annual service to ensure the correct ongoing operation. Boiler servicing is not the same as a Gas Safety Check, only registered engineers can perform a gas safety check, and these should occur on an annual basis, most boilers can be serviced during the same visit as a gas safety check reducing costs by combining the two jobs into one visit.

Manufacturers service intervals should be respected as they are often a condition of any extended warranty.

Call 07989 437665, and book your boiler service & safety check, we are open 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm.

Sutton Gas Tech can supply and install water tanked systems to run a primary pump providing increased pressure to baths, showers and other water using devices.


Water pumps are usually used in systems that have traditional central heating with twin water circuits and ‘Y’ valves, here they pump two circuits controlled by the ‘Y’ valve, one for the radiator system and one for the hot water, by indirectly heating water in a storage cylinder.

Sutton Gas Tech, can replace your water pumps, ‘Y’ valves and other central heating components when they fail in your system.

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