Changing a central heating and hot water boiler can be a relatively costly experience, but the latest boilers offer much higher efficiency ratings than those from twenty years ago, they can in fact help reduce the ongoing costs of your energy by reducing your usage and thus over time make a substantial contribution to their own replacement cost.

An old style boiler can be as inefficient as 55 to 60%, but typically 75% is not unusual, while the latest boilers have efficiency ratings of up to 95%

With the rising cost of energy it’s important to maximise your efficiency, and with a difference of upto 30% in the efficiency that could represent a relative reduction in energy costs of a nearly a third.

Combining the latest boiler technology with the latest controls could yield even more savings by tighter control of the boiler usage, there could be a possible energy saving of £340 pa, it’s possible the unit could have paid for itself during it’s lifetime. (Based on current energy prices (2017-2018), and other published research).

Sutton Gas Tech are not affiliated to any one manufacturer and can help specify, supply and install an ‘A’ rated boiler correctly sized and controlled to your requirements, from any preferred manufacturer.